Sri Salagrama Mahatmya


The Glories of Salagrama Sila

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The glories of slagrama-sila are well knows among vaisnavas and brahmanas, Lord Krishna is non-different from His holy name and His deity form. Salagrama-sila is also the form of the Lord. As there is a need to invoke life or the Supreme Lord within the deity form at the time of installation, there is no need to formally install salagrama-sila. Salagrama-sila is directly the supreme personality of Godhead. Like the worship of the deity form, the worship of salagrama-sila should be performed very strictly with faith and devotion.

The subject matter of this book is taken from the fifth vilasa of Sri Hari Bhakti-Vilasa compiled by Srila Sanatana Goswami. The descriptions and evidences are collected from Different scriptures and put together here in this book.

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