Sri Rupa-cintamani – “The Cintamani Jewel of Beauty”


Visvanatha Cakravati was born in a Bengali village named Saidabad, In Nadiya district, where he spent the first years of his life. Like other aspiring young renunciants, Visvanatha faced problems with his family, who had betrothed hi at a young age to tie hi to domestic life. As a married youth, Visvanatha had studied extensively, while living with his family in Saidabad, he had written brilliant commentaries on Vaisnava scripture. These wonderful verses by Visvanatha Cakravati are translated by Kusakratha dasa and edited by Purnaprajna dasa.


Please remember youthful Krsna’s conchshell mark, at the base of his big toe, beneath it the archer’s bow without a bowstring, then the cow’s hoof print, the triangle, the four water pots, the half moon, and the fish, the soles of his feet anointed with red kunkuma, His pink toenails, soft red heels, feet decorated with anklets, splendid ankles and legs, garments as yellow as lightning, jewel bells, slender waist, deep lotus navel, the line of hairs on His flower petal abdomen, the Kaustubha jewel, necklaces and tulasi garland on His handsome chest, the mark of Brahma and the three lines on the handsome neck that gives birth to melodious singing, the large, blossoming flowers on His splendid broad chest, His armlet-decorated arms flooded with glory, ……

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