Sri Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya (Bhanu Swami)


Translated by Bhanu Swami. A map of Navadvipa Dhama is included.


If one lives in Navadvipa and takes shelter of the holy name, his offenses will be destroyed and the qualification for the rasa will appear. Krsna-prema will soon shine within his heart and topics of Radha and Krsna will prevail. In this way, by achieving Gauranga’s mercy, the living entity attains Vrndavana, the holy abode of Radha and Krsna’s nectarean pastimes.

For living entities, it is always proper to first take shelter of Navadvipa to obtain the qualification for relishing the rasa of Vraja. Then one may live in Vrndavana, the place for actually acquiring that vraja-rasa, and there he will enjoy that rasa. When you get the mercy of Navadvipa, you will easily attain Vrndavana.

Though I am very low, taking the order of Sri Nityananda and Jahnava, I have herein described Navadvipa dhama. It is a fact that this book is filled with the names: Gauranga, Nityananda, and Navadvipa. On that basis this book is a supreme deliverer, and I cannot be held guilty, though there be many faults in the writing. By reading this book, Gauranga’s devotees always earn the fruits of performing parikrama. And if one reads this book while doing parikrama, the fruits increase a hundredfold. That is the verdict of the scriptures.

– Sri Navadvipa-Dhama-Mahatmya

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