Sri Krsna Bhavanamrta (Bhanu Swami)


Sri Krishna Bhavanamrita Mahakavya (Radha and Krishna’s eternally revolving eightfold daily pastimes). The intimate pastimes of Radha-Krishna from the beginning of the day to the end of night. Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura has written a sublime and deep meditation on the love of Radha and Krishna.

Transliterated Sanskrit verses with English verse translations by Bhanu Swami.



Chapter 1: Tasting the joy of rising from sleep
Chapter 2: Tasting the activities at dawn
Chapter 3: Tasting the activities of the early morning
Chapter 4: Tasting the beauty of ornamentation
Chapter 5: Bliss of going to Nanda’s house
Chapter 6: The wrestling match
Chapter 7: Departing for the forest
Chapter 8: Pastimes in the forest
Chapter 9: Joking pastimes
Chapter 10: Pastimes in the bower
Chapter 11: Tasting the swing pastimes
Chapter 12: Pastimes at the desire tree
Chapter 13: Drinking honey wine
Chapter 14: Water pastimes
Chapter 15: The gambling pastime
Chapter 16: Afternoon pastimes
Chapter 17: Twilight pastimes
Chapter 18: Evening pastimes
Chapter 19: Rasa pastimes
Chapter 20: Pastimes of the deep night

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