Sri Jagannatha Vallabha Nataka (Bhanu Swami)


His shoulder slightly quivering, his fresh beauty smiling, he is obedient to the heart of King Prataparudra at all times. Ramananda-raya writes this attractive drama endowed with rasa.
– Sri-Jagannatha-Vallabha-Nataka (verse 4)


Act One: purva-raga (Prior Attraction)
Act Two: bhava-pariksa nama dvitiyo’nkah (Test of Love)
Act Three: bhava-prakasa-nama trtiyo’nkah (Revelation of Love)
Act Four: radhabhisara-nama caturtho’nkah (Radha’s Appointment)
Act Five: radha-sangama-nama pancamo’nkah (Meeting Radha)

Transliterated Sanskrit verses with English verse translations by Bhanu Swami.

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