Sri Jagannatha: The Pastimes of the Lord of the Universe Hardbound

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The book contains two parts with different chapters, a total of 181 Pages, it tells the story of Lord Jagannatha according to the descriptions in the Skanda Purana.

Starting with the story of King Indradyumna, this book tells of the wonderful pastimes of Lord Jagannatha and His devotees. Great kings, respected acharyas, simple tailors, common maidservants — many sincere devotees have received special mercy from Lord Jagannatha. There are many pastimes where the Lord personally served His devotees, saving them from disaster, assisting them when they were in need, or granting them special mercy for their service and devotion.

This book also tells of how Lord Krishna and Balarama took on the unusual forms of Jagannatha and Baladeva, and relates the pastimes that explain why Jagannatha’s maha-prasadam is available to everyone.

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