Sri Guru Showers Rains of Mercy on Our Desert-like Heart (Volume 3)


Sri Guru Showers Rains of Mercy On Our Dessert-like Heart

There are two types and of education, jada-vidya and para-vidya material and spiritual education. We are atter spiritual education, the ultimate goal of which is bhakti. In order to get that bhakti, we have approached the lotus feet of the previous ācaryas headed by Vyāsa to offer worship to them. This is Vyāsa-pūjā. My heart is like a desert. It is as hard as a block of stone. So, I pray to these merciful previous ācaryas that they mary slower their mency like incessant rain, krpa-bari, on this desert-like heart. Without such mercy how can we get bhakti Our desert-like heart requires rain. It needs to be moistened by the torrential rains of mercy from the previous ācaryas headed by Vyāsa.

This book is compiled from lectures and informat talks delivered by Srila Gour Govinda Swami.

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