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“The Lotus Feet of the Spiritual Master”

This book has been compiled from lectures and informal talks delivered by His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami.

…Bhakti-tattva should be accompanied with kirtana. One must accept a sadhu, guru, acarya, Vaisnava, and hear kirtana from him. Without that, no one can understand this bhakti-tattva. This is our siddhanta; one must approach a sadhu, guru, acarya, Vaisnava who is asraya-vigraha, whose only activity is hari-kirtana. He has no other activity. Without his kirtana, his sisya will never understand…”

Chapter titles:

  1. Sadhu is the Supreme Tirtha
  2. The Mad Elephant Offence
  3. The Brahma-bhuta Stage
  4. Sadhu-sanga is the Only Dharma
  5. Do not Deliberate on Guru’s Instructions
  6. Vaisnava-aparadha
  7. Guru-Vaisnava-Acarya
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