Sri Caitanya: His Life & Associates

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A biographical account of the 16th century avatar and founder of the Bhakti yoga devotional tradition and his principal associates. Chaitanya’s doctrine of divine love created the renaissance of spiritual conception.


This biography brings the reader through the lives and activities of Sri Chaitanya’s closest confidants — each of whom are considered saints in their own right. Amazing stories are recounted in which kings and beggars alike become overwhelmed by the ecstatic wave of Chaitanya and his followers’ distribution of divine love and the birth of the kirtan tradition. A compilation of biographies of 50 devotional personalities like Jagannath Mishra, Madhavendra Puri, Ishvara Puri, Advaita Acharya, Srivas Pandit, Chandrasekhar Acharya, Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Gadadhar Pandit, Vakresvara Pandit, Gadadhar Das, Shivananda Sen, Paramananda Puri, Murari Gupta, and many others. A reversible book jacket unfolds into a beautiful art poster listing participants in gold-toned art prints appearing in both Gaura and Krishna Lilas. Foreword by Puri Maharaj.

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