Sri Caitanya-carita-maha-kavya


The Caitanya-carita-maha-kavya by Sri Murari Gupta was written soon after the disappearance of Sri Caitanya and is a biographical work on the life of Sri Caitanya, like the Caitanya Mangala, or the Caitanya-caritamrta.

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The author, Murari Gupta, lived in Navadvipa while Nimai (Chaitanya) was growing up and witnessed many of His childhood pastimes. For this reason, other authors, including Vrindavana Dasa Thakura and Krishna Dasa Kaviraja, used Maurari Gupta’s Sri Chaitanya Charita as the original source of information regarding key events in the life of Lord Chaitanya.

Murari Gupta was a lifelong associate of Lord Chaitanya. He served Lord Chaitanya in all of the Lord’s Navadvipa pastimes and also spent time with Lord Chaitanya while He lived and preached in Jagannatha Puri. By profession a doctor, Murari Gupta freed his patients not only from their physical ailments but also from the contamination of the material energy. Murari Gupta is considered an incarnation of Hanuman, the eternal servant of Lord Ramachandra.

Compilation by Bhagavata Swami, edited by Purnaprajna Dasa

The book has 79 Chapters (sargas), which are divided by four sections (prakramas).

Roman transliteration of Sanskrit verses, and English translations.

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