Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta, Vol.3


This is Part 2, Volume 2, the last of a three-volume set that gives the essence of the teachings of the Srimad-Bhagavatamin narrative format.

The previous book started with a very profound spiritual question by Mother Uttara to her son Pariksit, and he replies by telling the story of a poor brahmana who is worshipping the lotus feet of Madana-gopala, the form of the Lord. This brahmana meets Gopa-kumara, a cowherd, in Vrindavana, and by hearing the complete story of the life of Gopa-kumara he obtains the highest goal of life.

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This volume will not disappoint those who have begun the journey with Gopa Kumara. His spiritual quest is the quest of every soul, and every soul will revel in pure happiness as Gopa Kumara reaches his final destination in Krishna’s embrace. Gopa Kumara’s journey is inspiring and points the way for each of us, encouraging us to mature and to purify our consciousness through the journey so that we too can share Gopa Kumara’s triumphant fulfillment of all desires.

To fill our thoughts and dreams and lift us to higher hopes of pure Krishna consciousness, Sanatana Goswami has given elaborate details of Vrindavana, Krishna, and Krishna’s associates.

This volume is now sold only as a set along with the remaining 2 volumes. In other words, it is not available individually.

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