Sita’s Fire Trilogy: Book 3 – Destroyer of Sorrow


In the majestic conclusion to this one-of-a-kind trilogy, the saga of the Ramayana comes to its epic conclusion. The Ramayana, one of the longest ancient epics in the world, is rendered into modern form in Destroyer of Sorrow, which finishes off the sacred story, as Rama finally returns to Ayodhya, after fourteen long years of exile, to assume his rightful place as king. In Destroyer of Sorrow, the timeless legend of the Ramayana is rendered with depth and imagination, as Princess Sita defies all odds to rise above the forces that threaten to consume her. (The fearless Hanuman’s quest adds adventure and humor to this heart-wrenching classic).

A truly original reimagining of the beloved Indian epic, told primarily through the eyes of Sita, Destroyer of Sorrow continues to deliver a fascinating new perspective on an ancient story.

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