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This movie has all the qualities of a great movie: love, disappointment, emotion impact, smart storytelling and just about anyone who’ve ever loved and had their heart broken can relate to this film.

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Using a dazzling array of animation and narrative styles, Sita Sings the Blues incorporates Ramayan art traditions from Mughal paintings to Indonesian shadow puppets, temple sculptures to comic books. Sita enacts her story in a series of Busby-Berkleyesque dance numbers set to American blues and torch songs by 1920’s vocalist Annette Hanshaw. Fabulous Indian fusion music round out the eclectic score, while a hilarious trip of unscripted shadow puppets provide narration and commentary. Whether encountering the Ramayan the first time or revising a familiar culture icon, audiences are fascinated, entertained, and moved from the Winner of the Indian Film Festival Los Angeles, Winner Gotham and 22 other awards. Produced, Written, Directed, Designed and Animated by Nina Paley: copyright 2009 by Nina Paley All Wrongs Reversed. (no typo) Royalties paid to Nina Paley for each DVD sold.

The animation has a unique home made, heartfelt and endearing quality. It is visually delightful. The juxtaposition of the director’s contemporary, emotional journey alongside a character from hindu mythology is a remarkably difficult to execute. She pulls it of with sensitivity and transports the audience to a period in her life. The use of witty shadow puppets as narrators is fantastic and I strongly recommend the film. It is an enjoyable, mature, non-disney like use of animation which is rare.

For both adults and children. English only.


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