For many of us, the mention of Shiva’s name conjures up images of an ash-smeared ascetic meditating high in the Himalayas, a protector of Parvati and Ganesh, or a dancing, destructive god. In traditional art, he is seen sitting on a tiger skin rug, his long matted hair tied in a topknot, adorned by the crescent moon. But who is this mysterious figure, and what does he have to teach us?


Shiva: Lord of the Dance recalls captivating ancient tales of kingly sacrifices, sinister plots, ghastly armies, spontaneous incinerations and plummeting rivers that threaten the planet. These are stories of otherworldly passions and celestial dancing, worthy of retelling again and again. Coupled with over 30 full-color illustrations, this attractive minibook eclipses traditional symbolism, exploring the very nature of this complex god and how he relates to us. Printed with five colours.

Illustrations by Indra Sharma, B.G.Sharma, and Mahaveer Swami / Mandala Publishing.

The minibook series has also the following other titles: Essential Gita, Krishna, Ganesh, and Hanuman.

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