Sheltering Relationships by Devaki DD


In spiritual life giving and accepting shelter is the very basis to any meaningful relationship: we are always giving shelter to subordinates and accepting shelter from superiors. If this is not there, our relationships will be superficial. In fact, the theme of taking shelter is accompanying us on various levels throughout our entire spiritual practice.

In this book we discover the necessary qualities in order to be eager for shelter, and the qualities we have to develop in order to give shelter, and what blocks us the most from giving and accepting shelter. We will also receive insights how this principle of shelter forms the foundation of Devotee Care which is a very relevant topic in present-day ISKCON.

As we all know, we have been losing many nice devotees over the past years – so many people come to Krishna consciousness, they stay around for some time, and too many fade away again. In this book we will find the answers as to why this phenomenon has been taking place. And we receive insights how to avoid this. If we put into practice the principles and tools we discuss, we will have more devotees and happier devotees.

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