“Shantipur” (“place of peace”) is the name of the first album which the young Swiss artist brought back from Ireland. Together with a couple of Irish friends, she recorded twelve heart-moving songs in the mystic land of the Celts.

During 2003, she spent an inspiring time in India as well as in Ireland. At first glance, there seems to be a huge cultural contrast between India and Ireland, but Sabina is saying, “Actually, both countries are very spiritual and as all folk music is coming from the same root, it’s easy to merge them”. And the very proof is her new CD.

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She is fascinated by the sea, by the music and the scenery of Ireland. What she likes about India is the multitude of colors and especially the spirituality practiced by the people in every-day life. “Shantipur is a discovery, is a part of my life”, she is telling. “It is an album for ethno-people who are open for different cultures and exciting musical experiments”.

One of Sabina’s favorite hobbies is making street music. She can even be found busking in the streets during wintertime which can be pretty cold in Switzerland!


  1. Intro
  2. The Undying Tree
  3. An Indian Summer
  4. Miss Monaghan/Rekish Paddy
  5. Saint Sonette
  6. Nrshingadeva Prayer
  7. Hari Bol
  8. Jaya Radha Madhava
  9. Relisys
  10. Shantipur
  11. Improvisation
  12. Streetmusic

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