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The author, Shri S.V. Govindan, hails from the village Manassery in Ottapalam, situated in the Palakkad district of Kerala in southern India. Born on December 24, 1924, Govindanji is the youngest son in a family of five children. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Kerala where he was educated by his brothers who were school teachers at the time. Govindanji has come a long way in gathering valuable experience not only as a teacher in various Khadi Vidyalayas in the country, but more so as an expert masseur with a healing and sympathetic hand.

Govindaji has come a long way in gathering valuable experience from Mahatma Gandhi during his Khadi training (1943-47) at Sevagram, Wardha and Started his career as an instructor in Various Khadi Vidyalaya in the Country and he first met Acharya Vinoba Bhave in 1945 in Sevagram.

He walked with Vinobaji propagating the philosophy of Bhoodan by personal contract with the villagers, writing articles in newspapers and periodicals and also by radio talks in Hindi, Malayalam and English.

In 1985 his paper on Ayurvedic massage was presented in the All World International Conference of Yoga and Ayurveda held in Italy and the people of Italy were more attracted. They invited him in 1986 for the Yoga festival Gubbio where he first spoke about Ayurvedic massage and demonstrated and gave treatment to some patients. They realized the benefit and began to invite him every year for conducting massage and yoga seminars. Due to his sincere service some institutions and individuals of U.K., Frace, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands began to invite him. He has been in several states in U.S.A. several times including Hawai. He had been in Canada also. He was in Bali and NewZeland with his mission.

Spiritual Energy Massage is a new technique that he experienced first. Tough the technique is very simple it is very effective. His book on Spiritual Energy Massage is also very popular. He is a translator of Vinoba’s talks on the Gita, and Velloor Gita Pravachanam (both in Malayalam). He is the author of some other books in Malayalam, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi.

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1. Shadkarma 11
2. Panchakarma 13
3. Comparative study of Shatkarma and Panchakarma 14
4. Process of Shadkarmas 15
a. Jalaneti
b. Sutraneti
c. Advanced practise of Sutraneti
a. Shankha prakshalana
b. Laghu Shankha prakshalana
c. Vastradhauti
d. Agnisara kriya or Vahnisara dhauti
i. Swana Pranayama
ii. Agnisara kriya
e. Kunjal kriya (Vamana dhauti)
i. Kunjal Kriya (Vamana dhauti)
ii. Vyaghra kriya
iii. Gajakarana kriya
iv. Vastra dhauti
a. Madhya nauli
b. Vama nauli
c. Right isolation
d. Abdominal churning
a. Jalavasti
b. Sthalavasti
c. Mula shodhana
a. Vatkrama Kapalbhati,
b. Vyutkrama Kapalbhati,
c. Sheetkrama kapalbhati
5. Process of Panchakarma 33
I. Vamana (Emesis)
II. Rechana (Virechana) or purging
III. Nasya (Errhines)
IV. Vasti
V. Niruha (Kashaya vasti)
a. Uttara vasti
b. Matra vasti
c. Shirovasti
6. Snehanam (Properties of oleation) 48
a. Dravanam
b. Sukshmam
c. Saram
7. Swedanam 51
a. Avagaha swedanam
b. Upanaha swedanam
c. Ooshma swedanam
d. Kambal swedanam
e. Tapa swedanam
f. Dhanya swedanam
g. Dhara swedanam
h. Nali swedanam
i. Patra swedanam
8. Rakta Moksha 56
a. By leech
b. Pracchannam
c. Sringam
d. Siravedham
9. Snanam 59

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