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Saranagati and Gitavali


Saranagati: “Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter” contains fifty Bengali songs outlining the six-fold process of submissive surrender to the Supreme Lord. Gitavali: “A Collection of Songs” contains seventy Bengali songs composed for glorifying the Supreme Lord. The book includes “Sri Godruma-Candra-Bhajanopadesa” with all twenty verses and with original Bengali, Roman transliteration, synonyms, and English translation. The Appendix lists “The Literally Works of Thakura Bhaktivinoda (1838 – 1914) by year. Includes a complete Bengali verse-index of Saranagati and Gitavali.

SARANAGATI is a collection of devotional poems about the process of surrendering ones heart at the feet of Lord Krishna. It shows how to serve the Lord, obtain His protection, depend on Him, develop loyalty to Him and act humbly before Him. Through this, one loses all anxiety and fear and gains infinite peace and joy.

GITAVALI is a compilation of devotional poems that are expressions of the highest flights of Bhakti-yoga. They soar with ecstatic love for Lord Krishna and His companions and help increase the listeners faith, appreciation and devotion. One then wants to hear and chant about God constantly.

THE AUTHOR: Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, in 19th century India, revived the teachings of Sri Krishna Caitanya and disseminated them worldwide. He is the author of a hundred books on devotion to Lord Krishna. He wrote Saranagati and Gitavali in Bengali in 1893.

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