Salted Bread


Sarvabhavana’s book called “Salted Bread”, is about the persecution of the Russian and Armenian devotees in the early days of the former USSR. The Book contains a lot of information about the publication and distribution of Srila Prabhupadas first books in the Communist country. It is more or less an autobiography of the author (Sarvabhavana das, who was jailed for two years) and the glorious departure of his good friend, Sachisuta das, in the Soviet camp. It is full of painful experiences of the first attempt to spread Krishna consciousness in that atheistic country, which was Srila Prabhupadas desire, full of humor and devotional service in such unique conditions like in jails and psychiatric hospitals, interesting KGB stories and more as he calls his painful but blissful past.

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Journey with two friends behind the Iron Curtain in the former USSR. In their search for spiritual life, they dedicate themselves to the yoga of devotion to Krishna. Their simple, humble struggles for faith and religious freedom take them from cleaning deserted churches, to chanting in country hideouts, to sending secret messages in Siberian labor camps.

Sarkis Buniatyan tells his father’s story of struggles as a devotee of Krishna during Soviet rule and his imprisonment for printing and distributing the Bhagavad-gita, which had been secretly translated into Russian and Armenian.

Full of adventure, inspiration, and humor, the true story of Gagik Buniatyan and Sarkis Ohanjanyan will delight and inspire the reader.

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