Sadhavo Hrdayam Mahyam: “Saints are my Heart”


“All living beings seek love, and that search is ended when one falls in love with the Lord.”

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Born from the offense to the Lord’s dear devotee, Ambarisa Maharaja, the meeting between Lord Narayana and Durvasa Muni is intimately retold in conversational dialogue, personalising the discussion in the style of Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s Jaiva Dharma and thus inviting the reader to enter deeply into the mood of this unique loving exchange. The sparkling ornament of this pastime is the love the Lord has for His devotee and the lengths to which He will go to reciprocate that love. Decorated with a bouquet of original artwork, this book joins the growing list of jewels sprouting from the soil of New Vraja-dhama.

The quality of publication is again, unprecedented, the illustrations capture everyone’s heart. There is no doubt of total satisfaction on all levels.

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