Sacred Song Symphony


This book contains 108 songs & prayers by Vaisnava Acaryas and other Mahajanas. Sacred Song Symphony is divided into 20 sections. The first ten are comprised of the 108 songs in transliterated Bengali or Sanskrit. The font used is clear-cut Helvetica in regular type and large enough to facilitate easy reading even from a distance. In the second ten sections we give the translations, word-for-word meanings and commentaries.

The real speciality of this songbook is section 21, which contains the music scores (notes) for the all the songs in this songbook.

All the songs that Srila Prabhupada used to sing are included, as are those found in the original songbook and many that have been made popular by different devotees over the past 50 years. Also included are all those songs and prayers that Prabhupada refers to in his books and lectures, although he may not have recorded them.



There are altogether 108 songs divided into ten categories (with a couple of examples):

  1. Mangalacarana (Auspicious Invocation)
    • Mangalacarana
    • Guru-parampara
  2. Aksepa & Dainya (Remorse and Humility)
    • Hari hari! biphale
    • Gora pahu
    • Gopinatha
  3. Saranagati (Taking Shelter & Surrender)
    • Sri-krsna-caitanya prabhu jiva daya kari
  4. Lalasa (Aspiration & Longing)
    • Ohe! vaisnava thakura
    • Gurudeva!
    • ‘Gauranga’ balite habe
  5. Vijnapti (Confessions & Pleading)
    • Krsna tava punya
    • Ei-bara karuna kara
    • Radha-Krsna prana mora
  6. Upadesa (Advice & Instructions)
    • Jiva jaga
    • Dhana, jana, deha
    • Godruma-candra-bhajana
  7. Mahima & Nistha (Praise & Dedication)
    • Guru-vandana
    • Jaya jaya advaita-acarya
    • Akrodha paramananda
  8. Astakas (Poems)
    • Sri sri sad-gosvamy-astaka
    • Nityanandastaka
    • Caitanyastaka
  9. Stotras (Prayers)
    • Mukunda-mala-stotra
    • Sukadeva-stotra
    • Prahlada-stotra
  10. Nama-kirtanas & Arati Songs
    • Sriman-mahaprabhura-sata-nama
    • Kali-kukkura-kadana
    • Nadiya-godrume

(These are just a couple of examples per category, many more are in the book.)

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