Revelations: Judaism, Vedas, Islam & Christianity


by Rasamandala Das (Comparitive Religious Study between Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Vedas)

“It is rare to find a work which seeks to integrate Hindu and Jewish thought. This book is a rich interfaith exploration.”

Professor Dan Cohn Sherbok

“In this thought provoking book the author shows how the concept of demigods was once integral to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He demonstrates how the existence of demigods can be comparable with the existence of the Supreme God, giving the Vedic religion as an example of it.”

Michael A.Cremo

Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok Dan Cohn-Sherbok is a rabbi of Reform Judaism, a Jewish theologian and a prolific religious author who has written and edited over 80 books which have been translated into Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Japanese, Turkish, Persian and German. He is Professor Emeritus of Judaism at the University of Wales, Honorary Professor at Aberystwyth University and a Research Fellow at Heythrop College, University of London and the Centre of Religions for Peace and Reconciliation, University of Winchester.

Michael A. Cremo is and author of Forbidden Archaeology, Human Devolution, etc.  He is a researcher associate of the Bhaktivedanta Institute specializing in the history and philosophy of science. He is a member of the World Archaeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists and is an expert on archaeological evidence for extreme human antiquity.

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