Remedial Vaastushastra


In today’s it is very difficult if at all possible to purchase a plot of land, build a house, shop or factory as per concepts of Vaastushastra. Thanks to the ascetics and sages like Visvakarma, who gifted a unique science of Vaastu to mankind, we don’t have demolish what has been already done. Once can simply apply relevant principles without major alteration, by simply modifying placement of fixtures, furniture and other articles. One can certainly enhance and preserve positive energy of Vaastu and become prosperous, wealthy and mentally pacified.

This book is a unique blend of ancient science of Vaastu and latest global research on the subject. The book deals with and throws ample light suggesting ways and means to remove any Vaastu defects. Most people don’t pay enough attention to Vaastu’s tenets, ignore good or bad omens, while building a house, as a result of which they face malefic effects, financial loses and thus leading a painful and tormented life. Why torture yourself when all this can be prevented. This book sheds light on all these aspects.

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