Relevance – The Story of Amekhala Devi


Relevance – The Story of Amekhala Devi, offers a rare, intimate glimpse
into one couple’s private 18-month journey from desperately fighting for
life to eventually accepting the unavoidable fate of losing their battle with cancer.

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This is a heartfelt journal of one husband’s endeavor to care for his wife
as he had to painfully watch her decline on a daily basis. While struggling
with his own hope for a miracle, he learned through love and instinct to
become an exemplary caregiver to his wife as her disease spread faster
than either one of them could have imagined. In spite of excruciating pain,
Amekhala exhibited dignity, poise and appreciation for all that was done
for her until her final breath.

Throughout their seven-year marriage, their care for one another is
illustrated with language that is sure to penetrate your heart and will
perhaps evoke memories of someone very dear to you in your own
life. In addition, Srutakirti honestly and refreshingly portrays their
human limitations in a way we can all relate to. We eventually see how
their unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna and their beloved spiritual
master, Srila Prabhupada, provided them with the wisdom and strength to ultimately embrace the destiny we all must face. Their experience,
penned by the author with warmth, tenderness, detailed realizations, and
ultimately transcendence, teaches us that each soul has its own journey to
travel. Toward the end of life, the presence of a dear loved one seated by
our bedside can assist each of us to face our destiny with spirituality and
a sense of peace, knowing that someone we love will never leave us in the
most challenging circumstance.

Since it is invaluable to learn from those who have already traversed
this path before us, this book, Relevance – The Story of Amekhala Devi—
can prepare its readers for what lies ahead for everyone, as a patient and
perhaps as a caregiver.

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