Recession: Adversity or Opportunity?


filled with eye-opening analysis, powerful quotes,moving stories and striking examples, Recession – Adversity or Opportunity? combines ancient spiritual wisdom with modern socio-economic insights to present a dynamic, grassroots level action plan for transforming the adversity of recession into an opportunity for personal growth.


In these most difficult of economic times, where the world economy is seeing its worst nightmares come true, here is a book that offers solace to the afflicted. While everyone else seems to be suggesting what ‘they’ should have done or should be doing, here is a book that tells us how ‘we’ should be facing the situation in our own personal lives. Taking recession as the backdrop, the book takes us, the readers, through a fascinating journey into our own lives to that secret destination where the true treasure lies. In this way, the book lives up to its name “Recession – Adversity or Opportunity?”. The lucid presentation organized as a three-point lifestyle management formula gradually, but purposefully, leads on the readers to the final message. While the moving stories and the wonderful quotes keep the reader riveted, the eye-opening analyses and striking contemporary examples keep the discussion very relevant. A beautiful read for especially those afflicted by the current global economic recession, and also for everyone in general who would like to know how certain basic lifestyle principles can go a long way in helping one lead a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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