Ramayana Calendar 2020

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Calendar Season is back. We have again created a magic for the devotees to accompany them throughout the whole year 2020. Using the scenes from Ramayana, this calendar will keep you inspired and on top of your toes. These paintings are exquisite and painted by very talented Annapurna dd, a Swedish artist living in Alachua USA. It has been inspired by the book: Sita’s Fire Trilogy written by Annapurna’s daughter Vrinda. Vrinda has perfected her writing skills in her books and her mother has perfected her artwork by creating these amazing paintings to accompany the Ramayana. What has been created is a magic. Check it for yourself.


For those, who want to get quantity calendars, please contact us directly via email or our online contact form. Prices are the same as for the last 3 years:

wholesale (incl. tax 21%)
10 to 24 pieces 4.30 euro
25 to 49 pieces 3.70 euro
50 to 99 pieces 3.10 euro
100 to 199 pieces 2.72 euro
200 and more 2.50 euro

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions33 × 23 × 0.05 cm

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