How to Develop Psychic powers



How to develop your

Psychic powers

art and science of psychic healing

by Larry M. McDaniel & Phyllis G. McDaniel

The modern era is awakening to the need and desire to travel into the realms of self revelation. The new wave of optimism arouses an urge to settle our romantic sides better leading to sexual compatibility, blooming relationship and thus a peaceful mental life. How to Develop Your Psychic Powers explores understanding of auras and brings about an awareness of the spiritual self. The concerns of modern era, finances, romance and focus on the future are given a psychic interpretation, placing the self as supreme. What the student will learn in this book is based upon sound principles that the author had discovered over a twenty-year period and condensed into precise techniques that work and work well. These techniques will enhance the students’ understanding of the truth concerning extra-sensory perception and a new internal awareness will be revealed that absolutely astounds most neophytes on the path of enlightenment.


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