Principles and practice of Pancakarma


by Dr. Vasant C. Patil

is an essential text on the Panchakarma, a branch of Medicine. The need for such a book results from scarcity of well written, critically reviewed and the less number of books on Panchakarma especially in English language.A Comprehensive Book for BAMS students, M.D. scholars, Academicians, Practitioners and Researchers. This book will helps in precise and deeper understanding of the principles & concepts of Panchakarma therapy.All the procedures are explained vividly in easily perceivable manner with scientific reasoning.Description of fundamentals of Panchakarma and fundamentals of Shodhana in separate chapters, which is the unique and path breaking feature of book.In “Upakalpaniya Adhyaya” the essentials things esp. space requirement, medicines & instruments needed for establishing the Panchakarma centre is described both from the classical and contemporary point of view.In the chapter entitled “Fundamental principles of Shodhana”, the author has tried to explain the need, importance, utility, fundamentals, Basic considerations before bio-purification and practical considerations in vivid and beautiful manner. Basic considerations before Panchakarma and before Vamana etc. karma are the unique feature of this book.In the chapter therapeutic Panchakarma the indications of Panchakarma in different diseases with references has been described in tabular form.The research chapter deals with the problems of research, research methodology, researches done on Panchakarma, standardization of Panchakarma, area of research, Panchakarma Record form, which is unique and first work.Experiences of the practicing eminent physicians, research findings & my past 8 years experiences also included in order to make the book more acceptable & authentic. Illustrative diagrams, table, photos of procedure are included wherever necessary.Important classical and traditional formulations used in various Panchakarma therapies described in respective chapters. The heading ‘Critical notes’ in each Karma refers to the description of essential notes, which needs to be separated from the procedure to make the book reader friendly.The classifications, dose, indications, contraindications etc. subjects are presented in tabular form for easier and better understanding.The mode of action has been described both by Ayurvedic and Modern views in order to highlight the scientific substantiation of action of therapies.

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