Prema Stuti: Hymns of Love


This is a collection of devotional prayers spoken by pure devotees of the Lord in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Every other page has an illustration of the prayer and devotee being described.


Sri Chaitanya teaches us that the most important aspect of devotional service is the chanting of the holy names of the lord. This is the perfect prayer of devotion. A pure devotee never asks anything from the Lord other than devotion to Him. The prayers from Prema Stuti are offered in such pure devotion.

The prayers of Uttara (the mother of Parikshit), Queen Kunti, Bhishmadeva, Rukmini, Jambavan, Akrura, Bali Maharaj, and others.

Compiled by Sri Raghavananda Das with pencil sketches by Lalita dasi.

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