Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna


There is no need to introduce Agnideva Prabhu, whose whole life has been dedicated to sharing these songs and spreading the joy of Kirtan throughout the world with timeless prayers of the Vaishnava acharyas. This album comes as his offering for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada in ISKCON’s 50th anniversary year. He was joined by the second generation devotees, who helped with great enthusiasm by lending their voices and musical accompaniments. And thus it is Agnideva & Friends


Every song on this album is a jewel, pregnant with philosophy and the revelation of the acharyas, but one is particularly special to the artist. ‘Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna’, was written in Bengali by his spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, on September 13th, 1965 while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, bound for America. He had already experienced two heart attacks aboard the freighter Jaladuta, in addition to stormy weather and seasickness. In that day’s diary entry he mentions the poem: ‘Today I have disclosed my mind to my companion Sri Krishna’.

1. Song of Humility: Emona Durmati

2. The Process of Surrender: Saranagati (feat. Amala Harinam)

3. Glorious Name of Sri Caitanya: Kali Kukkura (feat. Amala Harinam)

4. Confidence in the Lord’s Protection: Atma Samarpane

5.  Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna: Krishtava Punya Habe Bhai (feat. Amala Harinam)

6.  Service to the Divine Couple: Radha Krishna Prana Mora


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