Our Mission 4


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Continuing the essays on raising our spiritual standards, Kundali’s forth and last book in this series is subtitled “The Heart of Reform”.

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This volume of Our Mission responds to the question: “What can an individual do to improve the dynamics in a social system or organization, even if he or she has no power, position, or authority?”

The books is divided into 3 parts:

1) On integrating Self-Improvement and social zeal – which includes essays as: On becoming a full person, Perfecting renunciation, The Queen of virtue, Practical discrimination, Having vs. Being, Self-reflecting, Our Guru Within, the basis of Love and trust…..

2) Fear and Social Prison – The vital life, The Irony of ironies, The root of failure, The psychology of courage….

3) Let us cooperate with Srila Prabhupada – The only challenge worth taking,

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