On The Way To Krishna – Children’s Boardgame


Two-in-one ‘On the Way to Krishna’ Game. One side takes the players through Vrindavan pastimes till they reach Krishna at His home. The other side moves through Mathura and Dvaraka pastimes till they reach Krishna on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra speaking Bhagavad-gita.


Krishna Lila Game

How to Play the Game

Place your marker at the bottom left-hand corner of the board. Throw the dice. Move along the path on the flowers/chakras according to the dice numbers. If you land on a flower or chakra that has a bridge going in a direction away from you, follow the bridge to the new place and continue from there on your next turn. Travel through Krishna’s sweet pastimes until you reach His lotus feet.

Suitable for children age 3 and older. Comes with dice and markers.

Size 18″ by 22″, 450 grams, thick laminated hardboard.

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