Oh My God!


Oh my God

by Chaitanya Charan das

The Bollywood movie Oh My God! fittingly exposed the arrogance and hypocrisy of godmen. It also made several important points about specific religious practices as well as the generic role of religion in society.

This book, Oh My God!, responds to those points through 32 question-answers like:

* Do we need middlemen to approach God?

* Does God help atheists and oppose godmen?

* Is religion made by God or by man?

* When we don’t chant “Papa, papa”, then why should we chant “Krishna, Krishna”?

* Does religion make people violent or helpless?

* When God is present everywhere, why should we worship him in the temple stone images?

and many others….

Discover sound principles drawn from the tradition of time-honored Vedic wisdom, to equip you to separate the good from the bad in today’s religious world. Presented here, in logical and lucid progression, are principles that will change the way you look at religion and at life.

The lovers of Chaitanya Charan’s ways of preaching and presenting the arguments will become fully satisfied with this book.

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