Noble Cow, Munching Grass, Looking Curious & Just Hanging Around


This book deals with the ability of animals to feel, perceive or be conscious, or to have subjective experiences. In Taiwan a cow separated from owner, goes on hunger strike. In rural Cambodia, a motherless child finds mother in a cow as he suckles her. Down in Australia a flood heroine, after rescuing her owner, is leading a pampered existence. In Brazil’s Pantanal swamps, a cow was seen wandering among the crocodiles while in India, the land of holy cows, a bull hero is booked out for two years. Meanwhile, up in Alps the Swiss are combating stress by renting out the mountain cows while in Germany, the nation’s focus has been on Yvonne, the runaway cow. There are numerous such stories here. Cows rule and cow rock! The great blind spot of our modern Civilization is the mistreatment and disregard for non-human life in nearly every capacity.


Dr. Sahadeva dasa is a monk in vaisnava tradition. Coming from a prominent family of Rajasthan, India, he graduated in commerce from St.Xaviers College, Kolkata and then went on to complete his CA (Chartered Accountancy) and ICWA (Cost and works Accountancy) with national ranks. Later he received his doctorate. For close to last two decades, he is leading a monk’s life and he has made serving God and humanity as his life’s mission. He has been serving as the president of ISKCON Secunderabad center since last twenty years. His areas of work include research in Vedic and contemporary thought, Corporate and educational training, social work and counselling, travelling in India and abroad, writing books and of course, practicing spiritual life and spreading awareness about the same. He is also an accomplished musician, composer, singer, instruments player and sound engineer. He has more than a dozen albums to his credit so far. ( His varied interests include alternative holistic living, Vedic studies, social criticism, environment, linguistics, history, art & crafts, nature studies, web technologies etc. His earlier books, Oil – A Global Crisis and Its Solutions (, End of Modern Civilization and Alternative future ( have been acclaimed internationally. He is actively involved in the animal rights movements.

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