Natur Laddu


With the ancient Indian chickpea sweets also the Western sweetmakers made this coveted oriental delicacy available to all. Constant strain and stress of Western life has for the “food of the gods” a completely new task. It will bring pure pleasure, helps to rebuild the lost vitality and so this is unique confections. To nibble in between, as an accompaniment to tea or after meditation.

Healthy natural products from healthy ingredients, shaped like 1/2 moons!

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Ingredients: Chickpea flour, butter, raw cane sugar.

All ingredients are Certified organic.

Govinda’s Natural Food Sweet and yet healthy! Not prohibited, but about making things better alternative. Namely sweets can taste nice without artificial additives and also healthy. The ingredients of this sweet collection are full of energy. After this very basic principle of Govinda’s Organic produces different sweets that give much more than just pleasure. Our goal is the mental and physical health of people and bring them strenght through natural food and thus contribute in this way to a mental-physical balance of their Ayurveda constitution. According to Ayurveda this Sweet has goof effect for Pitta-balancing.

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