Nandagram – the capitol of Nanda Maharaja DVD


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A documentary of the area of Nandagrama – the capitol of Nanda Maharaja.

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A documentary of the area of Nandagrama – the capitol of Nanda Maharaja.
The DVD is divided into the four geographical sections: the northern, eastern, southern and western sides. Each section is portrayed in a short slide-and-movie compilation from Bhakti Caitanya Swami’s tours with his digital camera. Accompanied by beautiful music, bhajans and kirtans, Maharaja’s knowledgable commentary makes this presentation a spiritual journey of its own.

This is the European format DVD-PAL.

Visited and portrayed places: The temple of Krishna and Balarama, Pavana Sarovara, Muti Kunda, Gendoka, Kokilavana, Yavat (the place of Jatila, Kutila and Abhimanyu), Ter Kadamba, Asesavana, Lalita Kunda, Road to Mathura, Uddhava Kyari, Paurnamasi’s Cave and Kunda, Domanavana, Sanketa, Nanda Baitak, Nanda Maharaja’s Nrsimha temple, Yasoda kunda and Hau Bilau, Panihari Kunda, Rithora (the birthplace of Candravali), Carana Pahari, Badhoka (the western goshalla of Nanda Maharaja), Meharana (the birthplace of mother Yashoda), and Vrinda Kunda.

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