Nandagram: The Capital of Nanda Maharaj


A colorful and picturesque guide book with a collection of verses & pastimes, including a detailed map & CD with 250 photos and a home made video.

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Located about 3.5 miles from Varsana, Radharani’s village, Nandagrama is rich with Pastimes of Radha and Krsna. We get transferred to His childhood home, His favorite Kunds [ponds] and the places He visited with His friends. Explore the forests and fields where Krsna tended the calves and visit the many Temples and Holy places in His village. Enjoy the enchanting stories of young Krsna, Radha and their childhood friends.

Krsna lived in Nandagram from the age of six until He left for Mathura. In this wonderful tour you will visit Nandagram town, Pavana Sarovara, Nanda-bhavan-Nandisvara temple, Gendoka, Ter Kadamba and many other places. Enjoy reading about these Temples, Holy sites, Kunds and the people that live there now.

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