My Little Bhakti Companion


Subtitle: Spiritual wisdom for the journey of life


My Little Bhakti Companion answers eighteen questions that address many common challenges confronting sadhakas:

• If spiritual happiness is eternal, why is our experience of the happiness temporary?

• Why does devotion need to be exhibit publicly?

• How can we overcome discouragement when we repeatedly succumb to self-defeating behaviour?

• Isn’t renunciation a sign of defeat?

• Why do I misidentify with my mind so much?

• Why do I feel so mentally exhausted?

• Why does my consciousness change suddenly from devotional to sensual?

• How can I increase my faith in Krishna?

• Should I forgive someone who has hurt me badly?

• Why do I find chanting boring?

• How can I understand that loving Krishna will fulfill my longing for love?

and more….

By making Krishna’s wisdom our bhakti companion, we can progress steadily towards reuniting with our unseen companion.

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