My Daily Prayers


These powerful prayers in this small book are divided into few categories: Prayers to Vaisnavas, Prayers to holy places, Prayers to gaura and His associates, Prayers to the Name and Divine love, Prayers to the pastimes places in Vrindavan, Prayers to the residents of Vraja, Prayers to the Gopis, Prayers to Radha-Syama


Sivarama Swami writes: “Some years ago I began to compile a book of prayers.That book is still unfinished, but I am often asked to share whatever prayers I have collected so far. I hope to be able to publish the finished product one day. In the meantime, the prayers that will form the basis of that book are presented here. I continue to chant these prayers every day upon rising. They have helped me to enter more fully into New Vraja-dhama and Radha-Syamasundara’s service. I hope that by sharing these prayers, devotees may be benefited in some small way.”

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