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This book very aptly and endearingly describes the life and devotion of some dedicated devotees of Krishna born in Islamic faith or pursuing Islam at some point of time in their lives, later decided to follow the path of Bhakti-yoga. Dipankar Deb gives us a glimpse into the lives of great historical personalities like Haridasa Thakura, who born in a Muslim family became recognized as the teacher of the chanting of the Holy Names, daily chanted three hundred thousand holy names of Krsna and shared the glories of the Lord with all. The brothers Dabir Khas and Sakara Malik, who were ministers in the Muslim government enjoyed much wealth and prestige, but renounced it all to pursue their search for God, finally becoming fully enlightened souls in the science of God consciousness, disseminating the knowledge in their profuse literary work. The author also sheds light on the life stories of some “seemingly ordinary” God-seekers of the modern world, each of which aims at revealing to the reader the universal nature of religious principles. These and other stories in the book are recounts of so many unique devotees of the Lord driven by questions which for long remain unanswered in many genuine seekers of the Absolute Truth: What is the true goal of life? How to find relief from a flood of material misery? Who is God? What does He look like? What happens to me after I die? These are accounts of those who have ultimately found the answers to their inquiries, and also the stories of God’s universal love which reaches far beyond the mundane designation of belonging to a certain religious background.

Dipankar Deb takes the message of the love of Godhead and shares it through the stories of these unique devotees of the Lord, who inspire much appreciation, faith and enthusiasm by their genuine devotional service to Lord Krishna, despite all impediments.

This book is not about converting from one faith path to another, but understanding the universality of all religious seekers by showing examples of persons going beyond the all designations into the realm of universal love, Love of God. Therefore, far from what it may seem by its title, “Muslim Devotees of Krsna” is aimed at an audience which transcends the confines of gender, race, caste, ethnicity or religion. Dipankar Deb has written a book which will without a doubt be of much interest to all sincere spiritual seekers, providing them with the necessary inspiration of their path.

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