Mukta Caritram – the Pearl Pastime


The Pearl Story has been written around 1550, a beautiful and nectarean poetry describing the Pearl Story lila, which takes place at Vrndavana. It is a pastime with Radha and Krishna with their friends like the gopis, and the cowherd boys. Krishna is starting the story by explaining to the gopis that pearls grow in the fields if one plants them properly, nobody believes it of course, and Krishna finally manages to get hold of some valuable pearls and plants them in the ground, and it really happens that there grew up many new pearls. The gopis knew that Krishna would never give any of his newly grown gems to them as he only wanted to use them to decorate His cows, so they started their own field, planting all kinds of gems they could find in their houses, . . .

Written by Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami. Translated into english by Bhanu Swami.

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