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The Monier-Williams dictionary program — Freeware — Searchable Digital Facsimile Edition

Welcome to the searchable digital fascimile edition of “A Sanskrit-English Dictionary.” Published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. The program is freeware.


Welcome to the searchable digital fascimile edition of “A Sanskrit-English Dictionary.” This edition gives you the complete text of this work of Sir Monier Monier-Williams as published by Oxford University Press in 1899. The program helps you quickly find the page you want and view it comfortably, presented in facsimile form. An important resource for scholars and students studying Sanskrit.

The program was conceived in 1999 by Gopiparanadhana Dasa, chief Sanskrit editor for the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Following his specifications, Ramakanta Dasa, in Switzerland, wrote the program for the BBT. The program is freeware. There is a standard shipping and handling charge.

System Requirements: The program will run under any presently available version of Microsoft Windows. (We have no version for the Mac.) If you wish to store the program and its files on your hard disk, you will need about 421 MB of space.

Note: The Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary is freeware as a service to scholars and students studying Sanskirt. Our selling price covers only the materials and not the software itself. We did not create this software tool, nor can we guarantee that it will work on every computer system. We do not offer support or service for this freeware software. Recommended operating system is Windows 2000/XP; results vary when using on Windows Vista/Windows7.

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