Memories (anecdotes of a modern saint, Vol. 4)



Spiritual leader to thousands, including George Harrison of the Beatles, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is known by scholars worldwide as the topmost ambassador of the Vedic knowledge. In Memories, you will hear of the wisdom he imparted to his disciples and of his saintly qualities, which inspired so many to follow his example.

“In one lecture, Prabhupada said, ‘This is a movement for the living entity.’ I was thinking how generally we talk about saving the human beings but he was describing the movement as a movement for all living entities. That really struck me.”  – Rupa-vilas das

“A challenging reporter asked Prabhupada, ‘What do you do? You walk on water? Do you turn water into wine?’ Prabhupada said, ‘There can be a beautiful woman here naked – you will be attracted, I will not.”                  – Achyutananda das

“One devotee asked, ‘ Why do we say we’re living in a world of maya when it feels so real? I know that I am here. This isn’t a dream, I’m seeing it.’ Prabhupada replied, ‘When you sleep at night, do you dream?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘The only reason why you think the daytime dream is more real than the nightmare dream is that you spend more time awake.'” – Yogesvara das

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