Maya, the Divine Energy of the Supreme


The Supreme Lord’s internal potency, which is active in the spiritual world, is known as yoga-maya. By this potency the Lord manifests the spiritual world. All the activities in the spiritual world take place by this power of yoga-maya.
Whenever the Lord descends into this material world His appearance and activities also take place with the help of his yoga-maya potency.


In the material world, the same potency is there, but Her service is to cover. In the material world, maya is called illusion, that which is not. Yet, Srila Prabhupada clearly states that if we remain solid in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, the māyā cannot touch us. He uses the analogy of the sun. Krishna is the sun and Maya is the darkness. When there sun, there is no question of darkness. So if we always bask ourselves in the sun of Krishna consciousness, then there is no question to fall into darkness.

Yet, even Maya is the all powerful energy of the Lord. She acts totally under Krishna’s supervision. She is many a time compared to the best servant of Krishna .

All these points are very nicely presented and explained in this small book of Bhakti Purushottama Swami. He writes in a very simple and lucid way, making the topic easily understandable.

Names of the chapters:

1. Definition and Functions of Maya

2. Maya’s Influence

3. Allegorical Descriptions of Maya

4. Maya’s Influence in Personal Histories

5. The Doctrine of Mayavada

6. Durga-devi

7. Liberation from Maya

….each chapter has between 3-11 subchapters.

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