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Radha Krishna Records, Radha-Krishna temple ISKCON London’s own record company has released it 10th album: “Mantra Lounge” on May 28th, 2014.

“Mantra Lounge” is a harmony of worlds, a united piece of art that is seen and tasted through the ears. The album has mantra and bhakti-yoga artists from all over the world, and all genres including the famous UK R&B artist (not to mention United Nations Best Female Solo Artist) Charlotte Kelly who takes us into deep swirling pool of soothing Hare Krishna maha-mantra with her willowing voice and jazzy trimmings.

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Chanting in this small room below Covent Garden’s famous Neals Yard, you find yourself transported into another dimension, a spiritual dimension, in which the anxieties of everyday life in the city of London simply do not exist.

Kirtan is an intense and effective form of meditation, a direct means of communion with something much greater than ourselves.

The mantra seems to have a life of its own. Kirtan is not material sound, but comes directly from the spiritual world. The simplicity of this form of yoga is sometimes the cause of us missing it. See you there!


1. Radhe Govinda

2. Nitai Gauranga

3. Maha Mantra

4. Goddess Radha

5. Tierra Adorada

6. The Seventh Avatara

7. The Sweetheart of the Gopis

8. Brahma-Samhita

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