Mahamantra East & West


This is the latest new double CD album of Atmarama Dasa filled with different inspiring tunes from across the world, traditional as well as more adventurous. The album was recorded in Vrindavan and Madrid between 2010-2012, with final mastering in January 2013.

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This is an album with 2 discs,one is called East and the second is called West, both filled with wonderful tunes of the Maha Mantra. The song titles are:

CD1 West:

Trilogy of Love: 1. Love Inside

2. Radhika’s Love

3. God is Love

4. For Gopal

5. Sweet Mahamantra

6. Happy Mahamantra

7. To George Harrison

8. Jaya Prabhupada

CD2 East

1.Moonlight Mahamantra

2. Bengali Mahamantra

3. Kartika Mahamantra

4. Vrindavan Mahamantra

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