Mahabharata DVD (set of 5 DVDs)


This 15-hour digitally re-mastered, abridged version of Mahabharat, the epic Indian television series (which originally ran for over 60 hours), is available in a five-disc digi-pack that includes an eight-page booklet containing a glossary of the many characters and an overview of the series by Professor Fitzgerald of the University of Tennessee.


India’s greatest epic story, MAHABHARAT, was written some 5000 years ago by mystic Vyasadeva, of the Himalayas and concerns five brothers and their battle to sustain their rightful place as rulers of a huge kingdom. The wonderful adventures of the brothers involves war with their Kingdom-hungry cousins; exile; spiritual illumination; an incarnation of Krishna; and the complete Bhagavad-Gita. The complete story was produced for Indian television by Ravi and B R Chopra, adapted to an epic, action-packed and magical 94 episode series, and released in both full and abridged form.

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