Mahabharata Calendar 2018

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This exquisite calendar will delight one and every one. Using the scenes from Mahabharata, this calendar will keep you inspired the whole year round. These paintings are exhibited in a permanent exhibition of MOSA in Iskcon Villa Vrindavan, Florence, Italy.

The Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) has 2 galleries in the beautiful settings of Radhadesh castle in Belgium and one gallery in Villa Vrindavana in Italy. Villa Vrindavana lies in the rolling Tuscan hills of Chianti, not far from Florence. The central building was built in the 16h century, during the Renaissance and is surrounded by a large Italian garden and a park of mostly wooded land spreading out over ninety acres. It was a residence for noble people and was designed by famous architects of that time. Some important personalities lived and stayed there, including Niccolò Machiavelli. Since the early 1980’s the Villa is now home to the transcendental forms of Radha
Vrajasundara, Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra and Gaura Nitai and Their loving servants. MOSA renovated Villa Vrindavana’s main building to house a permanent collection of ISKCON art based on the great epic Mahabharata. The whole collection perfectly fits into the spacious ground-floor rooms. The heart throbs when one walks through the exposition of these impressive artworks. These paintings are silent poetry. Their visual form is the unity of vision and experience that becomes a hymn of transcendence bringing the epic alive in the heart of the observer.

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