Maha Nrsimha Kavaca (silver)


Holy Kavaca is a Spiritual defensive instrument that is made in personalized way for your protection and prosperity. It is a spiritual amulet, Spiritual Locket and is called a Divine protector that creates a powerful spiritual Guard  on you which may protect you from Evils, Dangers, Misfortunes, Black magic, bad luck, Losses in business, accidents, evil eyes, bad health etc.

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This wonderful kavaca is a maha from Lord Nrsimhadeva in Sridam Mayapur. They are already sealed with Nrsimha mantras and with holy dust inside. They have been offered to Lord Nrsimhadeva and thus are protected by Him. Whoever wears them gets all the benefits of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s protection.

“He is most merciful and most ferocious. He is most kind to his devotees and most fearful to the demons. To that Lord Nrsimhadeva I offer my respectful obeisances.”

The benefits of this Maha Nrsimha Kavaca are unlimited. You can wear the Kavaca around your neck or around your arm.

Sri Nrsimhadeva Ki Jay


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