Loving Life, Embracing Death


How many people can say they love life? How many jump out of bed, inspired and enthused, on a mission that has captured their imagination? How many people are so driven that no amount of complexity or challenge could deflate them? Janakinath Das, aka JD, was a rare soul who exhibited such hunger for life.

He was a modern-day saint. An urban monk. You’d spot him in a baseball cap practicing new magic tricks, utilizing technology and communicating profound spiritual truths through the lingo of the ghetto. JD was a powerhouse of spiritual energy – buzzing and bouncing from one mission to the next, conquering hearts with his simple smile and soft heart. His character exuded saintliness – tolerant, compassionate, friendly to all, without enemies and always peaceful. A childlike innocence that you couldn’t imitate. No time to criticize or complain, always progressive and positive.

For him, life was a perpetual adventure. When he took up spirituality, became a monk and travelled the world with his backpack… it was an adventure. Later, when he was diagnosed with cancer, it was another adventure. When he was told he had three months to live, it was another adventure. When we talked about the arrangements for his own funeral, it was another adventure! In his final days, a medical opportunity arose. “Boom!” he said “let’s do it”… it was an adventure, the last one of this life. JD left the world on the battlefield, embracing an unlikely prospect to turn his health around. He wanted to extend his time, not because he was scared of death, but because he was in love with life. Every moment was valuable because it brought beautiful opportunities to serve others…….

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